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5 Christmas Retail Promotion Ideas For Your Online Store

5 Christmas Retail Promotion Ideas For Your Online Store

Coming up with the right Christmas retail promotion ideas year after year can be hard, but it can also make a huge difference in your store’s finances. A successful holiday season can more than make up for the slow months of the year; it can set the tone for the rest of the year.

The good news is that people want to spend money during the holidays. If you can figure out the best ways to market to your audience and reach new customers, Christmas can very well be the most rewarding time of the year (and we’re not talking about getting presents from Santa).

In this article, we’ll go over five Christmas retail promotion ideas that will make your company stand out during the holidays. So, let’s dive right into it!

5 Christmas Retail Promotion Ideas You Can Explore

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and now is the time to up your retail game with innovative and successful Christmas promotion ideas.

Let’s go over five interesting techniques for capturing the festive mood, attracting shoppers, and making this holiday a pleasurable and successful experience for your business:

1. Give discount coupons to valued customers

It’s a well-known fact that return customers tend to be any store’s biggest spenders.

If a customer already knows your business, the products you offer, and their quality, they’re much more likely to be willing to spend a little extra. New customers, in contrast, need to be wooed before they’ll fill your company stockings with cash.

The best way to let customers know just how valued they are is to offer them discounts. One great way to do this is with a loyalty program. With a loyalty program, customers can accrue points with purchases they can redeem at any time (not only during Christmas):

Loyalty programs can show customers how valued they are
Loyalty programs can show customers how valued they are (click to zoom)

A loyalty program is a great start, but if you want it to feel more personalized and really appreciated, you can also send them personalized gift cards, including store discounts.

With Advanced Gift Cards, you can combine gift cards with store coupons.

The plugin enables you to choose from multiple gift card designs, and you can include notes to let customers know how appreciated they are:

Gift card with a note
Gift cards can be a personalized gift that you can offer to your customers (click to zoom)

For the best possible results, call customers by name and offer them discounts depending on how much money they’ve spent on your business. It won’t cost you much to offer coupons. However, it’s a surefire way to bring a smile to customers’ faces during the holidays.

2. Create holiday bundles

One of the best ways to encourage customers to spend more money on your company is to bundle products and services.

The ideal bundle costs less than purchasing each product separately, making it a better value. That is to say, it includes products that customers might want to buy together but choose not to because of cost.

What bundles you offer will depend on the products you sell.

Once you have some bundles put together, you can choose to offer discounts from the final price, free shipping, and discounts on further purchases with each bundle:

Offer free shipping in WooCommerce
Offering free shipping can also help bundles have a better value for customers (click to zoom)

One of the most important aspects of holiday bundles is ensuring customers understand they’re dealing with limited-time offers.

Some stores choose to use countdown times to indicate when discounts will run out. Others send marketing emails letting customers know discounts will only last throughout the holidays.

If you have enough products and services, we recommend offering multiple bundles. That way, you can track which ones customers prefer and experiment with variations on pricing or other offers to encourage sales even further.

3. Offer holiday-only products

A lot of online businesses offer holiday-only products.

This marketing idea can be harder to implement because it can require sourcing new products or branding existing ones. However, depending on the product, it can help you boost sales drastically.

If it’s within your budget, you can create coupons to give away freebies with some purchases. Holiday-themed products might not sell that well on their own, but they can serve as a fantastic incentive for customers to make other purchases. After all, everyone loves a freebie.

4. Enable customers to buy holiday-themed gift cards

Gift cards are one of the most amazing tools for online stores and services to make money.

If your store offers gift cards, you open up an entirely new revenue channel, which is customers buying store credit for later or giving it away to their friends and family.

If there’s one season that’s perfect for encouraging users to surprise their friends and family, it’s Christmas. Even if you already offer a gift card system, you should remind visitors about it during the holidays and encourage them to stock up on cards by offering discounts:

Gift card designs
Holiday gift cards can be the perfect gift your customers can buy (click to zoom)

Advanced Gift Cards lets you create as many types of gift cards as you need with the values that you want. Moreover, the plugin offers several pre-designed gift card templates, several of which are perfect for the holidays.

5. Send holiday-themed marketing emails

Marketing emails are one of the best ways to drive repeat sales for your company.

If users sign up for an email list, they agree to let you send them marketing communications. There’s no better time during the year to take advantage of that access than during the holidays.

An example of a Christmas marketing email
Gathering emails lets you send holiday- or sale-specific emails to your customers (click to zoom)

The best part of sending emails during the holidays is that customers are more likely to want to open them. Click-through rates tend to increase during Christmas because readers expect to see discounts and one-time deals from their favorite businesses.

Keep in mind that there’s such a thing as sending too many marketing emails, even during the holidays. We recommend that you stick to your regular email schedule and maybe add one or two messages for special offers or to celebrate right before or during Christmas.


Christmas is the time to fill your company’s stockings. Customers are primed to spend money during the holidays. If you put into action the right marketing ideas and make customers offers they can’t refuse (the good kind), they’re bound to want to spend their money with you.

If you’re unsure how to start marketing for the holidays, here’s what we recommend you do. Spoiler alert: A lot of these marketing ideas involve coupons:

  1. Give discount coupons to valued customers.
  2. Create holiday bundles.
  3. Offer holiday-only products.
  4. Enable customers to buy holiday-themed gift cards.
  5. Send holiday-themed marketing emails.

Do you have any questions about how to tackle Christmas marketing for your company? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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