How To Create A One-Time Use Welcome Coupon In WooCommerce

WooCommerce Welcome Coupon

Creating a coupon in WooCommerce is fairly easy, but configuring it to be exactly what you need isn’t always as straightforward.

It can be difficult to manage the right settings without excluding the people you want to target or worse, creating a coupon that is too open-ended which leaves it exposed to misuse.

This article is going to show you how to create a welcome coupon that is one-time use only for users.

It will also show you how to make your welcome coupon even better as a marketing strategy and we’ll also discuss some variations on the idea so that you can implement something different for your audience as opposed to all the other competing stores that are just running a straight welcome 10 percent coupon offer.

Steps To Create A Welcome Coupon In WooCommerce

Creating the actual coupon is easy. And you don’t need to create a new one for each person, you can do it with just one coupon.

Let’s start with building up a new coupon and getting the basics right. For this, I’m going to assume you want to run a 10% off for any new email subscriber and that is what you’re defining as a “welcome” coupon.

WooCommerce Welcome Coupon General Settings
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Set up the main coupon with a discount type of “Percentage discount” and coupon amount as 10 (meaning 10%).

Now switch over to the Usage Restriction tab.

WooCommerce Welcome Coupon Usage Restrictions
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I suggest you enable the “Individual use only” option which means this coupon offer cannot be used with another coupon offer at the same time. You generally don’t want your welcome discount stacking on top of other coupon-based discounts.

Now switch over to the Usage Limits tab.

WooCommerce Welcome Coupon Usage Limits
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Here you want to set the “Usage limit per user” to 1 which means that each person can only use this coupon once.

WooCommerce Welcome Coupon Publish

Save that bad-boy by hitting Publish.

This is your vanilla, stock standard welcome coupon format that 99% of WooCommerce stores use for their welcome coupons.

How To Make It Even Better

There’s a bunch of psychology theory behind why welcome coupons work so well, and even in their standard format, they work very well for both generating email subscribers and incentivizing people to place their first order.

But there are a few ways you can make them better straight out of the gate.

1. Apply cart conditions to your welcome offer

Imagine being able to only allow the offer if they have a certain amount in their cart (eg. they’re placing an order over $50).

Imagine being able to grant the welcome coupon to people who are logged in, meaning they need to have a user account on your site.

Imagine being able to restrict your welcome offer to just a specific product.

This is all possible and I’ll show you how in just a second.

2. Turn the offer into a BOGO deal

BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deals are extremely effective at motivating customers and they make for a great alternative arrangement.

The way your frame your offer matters a lot and can mean a bigger return or a large upfront order.

3. Add products to the cart when the coupon is applied

Imagine being able to add a particular product to the cart automatically when the coupon is applied.

You could use it to give away a free product with their first order or you could use it to define a particular one time discount for a particular product.

Making things easier for the customer (meaning they don’t have to go add the product themselves) can lead to higher conversion rates.

Again, this is possible with a welcome coupon but you will need a special tool.

Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce expands the features of coupons in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce coupons are notoriously basic and as such the types of deals and things you can do with coupons in native Woo is limited. This fixes that problem.

If you want to implement any of the above ways to make your welcome coupon better or any of the suggested variations below, you will need to buy a copy.

4x Amazing Variations On The Welcome Coupon Idea To Try

Welcome coupons, as I mentioned above, are incredibly effective.

But if you want to stand out from your competitors who, by this point, are probably also doing the old “join our newsletter list and get a 10% off welcome coupon” trick, then you might want to vary up the offer a bit.

Variation #1: BOGO deal

Buy One, Get One type deals are, in my opinion, preferable to straight % based deals in many retail settings.

It sounds more attractive to a consumer to receive a second item for free rather than getting something 50% off.

Likewise, it is often better for the business to run BOGO style deals because the amount off can be less, but the deal can be just as attractive.

So what can you offer to new customers in a BOGO arrangement in your store that would make them excited?

Variation #2: Add a free product or product sample

Free is a very powerful word.

Offering a free product or a free product sample with their first order is a great way to incentivize new customers without giving away a percentage of your profits on the whole order.

It doesn’t even have to be something expensive (which is why samples work so well).

The main thing is to push that they are getting something for free and you will see the rewards from it.

Variation #3: A crazy deal on a specific product

Welcome coupons are all about getting them in the door. Once they have ordered once, they will order again.

So it makes sense that if you could offer a CRAZY discount on one particularly desirable product, they would pull customers in like a magnet.

Discount chain stores like Walmart do this ALL THE TIME.

They run a catalogue with a crazy discount on a key range of products and when you go in to buy them, you notice other things along the way that you put into your shopping cart.

Your job after they add the crazy discount item to the cart is to up-sell and cross-sell them either on the spot or via email afterward.

Variation #4: Only apply after they register a user account

We wrote a whole guide on how to give a discount to a user specifically after they register a user account on your site.

This can be used in two ways, either as a welcome or as a gift after their first order. In this case, focus on the welcome method.

People who have an account on your site are more likely to order and order again and again. Instead of rewarding people based on subscribing to your email list, try rewarding the activity of creating the account. You’ll see an uptick in the number of accounts created per month as a result.

Implement & Test In Your Store

The best time to start testing the effectiveness of these alternative welcome coupon arrangements is yesterday. The next best time is today.

So if you want to stand out from your competitors, grab a copy of Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce. Implement one of these welcome ideas and see how it goes in your store.

The key is to incentivize the metric you want to improve.

Want more emails on the list? Go with a simpler offer.

Want more users registered? Incentivize that.

Want to get more first time orders over the line? Make a crazy deal and work harder at your up-sells and cross-sells.

So now it’s over to you. Click here to read more about Advanced Coupons.


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