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3 New Sales Promotion Strategies For Black Friday

3 New Sales Promotion Strategies For Black Friday

As an online seller, you can leverage shopping extravaganzas like Black Friday to get rid of old stock, drive brand awareness, and increase sales. However, with so many other businesses capitalizing on this global trend, you may be wondering how to entice shoppers with your sales promotion strategies.

Fortunately, the right tools can help you stay ahead of the competition. By promoting your offers in the most effective way possible, you can help keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds and hit your Black Friday sales target.

In this post, we’ll look at three new sales promotion strategies for Black Friday. Additionally, we will recommend some powerful tools to help you implement them. Let’s get started!

3 New Sales Promotion Strategies For Black Friday

Every year after Thanksgiving in the United States, people come together to celebrate an event known as Black Friday. It’s a special day that store owners eagerly anticipate because it offers a great opportunity to boost sales and attract new customers.

Black Friday brings a lot of excitement among consumers and creates a feeling of urgency to make purchases. In fact, online sales on Black Friday in 2020 reached a staggering $9 billion, breaking records and showing a remarkable 21.6% increase from the previous year!

As a store owner, you must take advantage of this heightened demand and find ways to increase your sales during this period. But where should you start?

Here are three fresh ideas we have for you:

1. Use countdown timers on product pages

An effective way to generate more sales on Black Friday is to create a sense of urgency.

By putting a time limit on your offers, you may encourage more people to snatch your deals before it’s too late. If you do decide to try out this sales promotion strategy, you may want to use a countdown timer for added effect:

Countdown timers create a sense of urgency to encourage more people
Countdown timers create a sense of urgency to encourage more people (click to zoom)

We recommend adding this timer to your homepage and all the relevant product pages on your store. You may also want to ensure that it’s placed in a prominent area so visitors can see it immediately.

It may be smart to create a fixed floating bar at the top of your page. That way, the countdown timer will remain visible even as users scroll through your content and navigate to other pages.

One tool you can use to create countdown timers is OptinMonster:

OptinMonster helps you maximize the potential of your existing website visitors by generating increased numbers of subscribers, leads, and sales
OptinMonster helps you maximize the potential of your existing website visitors by generating increased numbers of subscribers, leads, and sales

This powerful marketing plugin enables you to create popups, opt-in forms, floating bars, and other elements that can help drive conversions.

OptinMonster also lets you set up a countdown timer campaign anywhere you want on your site. You define the duration of your sales promotion, configure the appearance of your time, and decide what happens when the countdown is over.

2. Send targeted push notifications

While some shoppers are quick to take advantage of Black Friday offers, others may need a little nudge. This is where push notifications come in.

Some visitors may have added some items to their cart but never completed their purchase. Therefore, you may want to send them a message to let them know that your Black Friday deals are about to expire. This might prompt them to return to their abandoned carts and finish the checkout process.

We recommend using PushEngage to send targeted notifications to your visitors:

Sending targeted push notifications with PushEngage is one of the most effective sales promotion strategies for Black Friday.
PushEngage lets you send automatic targeted notifications to your visitors

This plugin tracks every user’s behavior on your site and lets you set up automatic push notifications tailored to their needs. You can also create drip campaigns to turn hesitant users into buyers.

With PushEngage, you can schedule time-sensitive promotions for Black Friday that correlate with the timezone of individual users. You’ll also have access to A/B testing and in-depth analytics, so you can try out different push notifications and see which ones yield the best results.

3. Rotate bonus items

If you’re still looking for new sales promotion strategies to try this Black Friday, you may want to consider rotating bonus items. This can be particularly effective if you want to run sales and offers over a few days, rather than just on the special day.

Our Advanced Coupons plugin helps you set up a variety of coupon deals and bonuses. For instance, you can launch a Buy One Get One (BOGO) deal:

Advanced Coupons lets you setup BOGO deals and other advanced discount offers
Advanced Coupons lets you set up BOGO deals and other advanced discount offers (click to zoom)

With our plugin, you can select specific product categories or items that the deal would apply to. This is particularly useful if you want to rotate bonuses or run deals on different items each day.

You may also want to offer free gifts or free shipping as Black Friday bonuses. Once again, you can use our Advanced Coupons plugin to set up coupon codes for these types of offers.

You can also schedule your coupons and configure some rules and limitations on their usage. This can help you ensure that they are being used correctly to prevent abuse:

Advanced Coupons' scheduler feature
Advanced Coupons’ scheduler feature (click to zoom)

Once you’ve set up your bonuses, you’ll need to ensure your audience is aware of them. Therefore, you may want to promote your Black Friday offers across your site heavily.

You can use OptinMonster to create high-converting pop-ups and banners for your promotions. The plugin also enables you to set up exit intent campaigns. Therefore, when a user attempts to exit your site, they may get a popup window that tries to make them reconsider.


Black Friday presents a golden opportunity for boosting your annual profits.

However, online shoppers around the world are bombarded with promotions in the days leading to this popular shopping extravaganza. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your offers are reaching the right people at the most opportune time.

In this post, we looked at three effective sales promotion strategies for Black Friday:

  1. Add countdown timers on product pages using a plugin like OptinMonster.
  2. Use PushEngage to send targeted push notifications to hesitant customers.
  3. Rotate bonus items by creating different coupon deals with Advanced Coupons.

Do you have any questions about using these sales promotion strategies for Black Friday? Let us know in the comments section below!

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