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WooCommerce Coupon Codes: 28 Coupon Deals For Your Store

WooCommerce Coupon Codes: 28 Coupon Deals For Your Store

Offering coupons is one of the best ways to drive sales for your store. However, WooCommerce coupon codes can be a lot more nuanced than you’d imagine. There are literally dozens of coupon types that you can offer, all with their own purpose and use cases.

If you’re using Advanced Coupons, a whole lot more options are open for you. In this article, we’ll talk about 28 types of WooCommece coupon codes that you can offer and when to use them, and link you to instructions on how to set them up. Let’s get to it!

28 WooCommerce Coupon Codes (Top Ideas!)

1. Simple discount

The most basic coupon type gives you a discount when you’re going to make a purchase on a website. That discount can be a flat fee or percentage-based, depending on what type of offer you want to run.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you set some conditions for this type of coupon, to prevent abuse. That’s something that Advanced Coupons can help you with.

2. Specific product discount

Specific product discounts are a fantastic way to move items that aren’t selling. They also offer you a way to increase sales for the products that give you the best margins.

Just as with ‘simple’ discounts, product-specific coupons can be fixed or percentage-based.

3. Buy-One-Get-One-Free coupon

Buy-one-get-one-free deals are also a type of product-specific discount. When you apply this coupon and purchase a product, you get the second one free.

BOGO Deals (click to zoom)

Ideally, this coupon should only work for specific items, preferably options that won’t cost you too much or that you may have overstocked.

4. Buy-One-Get-One-For-Half coupon

If you’re not keen on the idea of giving away a second product for free with each purchase, you can offer a discount instead.

This type of coupon works wonderfully with products that users tend to purchase in bulk, as it encourages them to make big orders to save money over the long term.

5. Free product with purchase

This type of coupon is similar to the last discounts that we explored. The difference is that with this coupon, you get to decide what free product you give away with purchases.

To encourage sales, you should promote the fact that you’re giving away freebies with each purchase. For this type of coupon, it also makes sense to use Advanced Coupon’s auto-apply feature.

6. Discounted shipping

Unexpected shipping costs are one of the main reasons why customers leave online stores without completing their purchases. By offering discounted shipping coupons, you let users know their cost will remain well within reason.

Shipping Discounts (click to zoom)

With Advanced Coupons, you can offer discounted shipping codes for specific regions or for purchases that meet the criteria you want.

7. Free shipping for purchases over $X amount

As a rule of thumb, you don’t want to offer free shipping coupons unless you know the purchase justifies the cost on your end. The best way to do that is to use Advanced Coupons to configure free shipping coupons to only work if a cart’s subtotal goes over $X amount.

In most cases, the idea of free shipping can be enough to help you drive sales, and it’s a great bonus for your best customers.

8. Site-wide discounts

This is the kind of discount coupon that you only want to offer during special occasions and sales. Usually, site-wide discounts apply percentage-based price reductions to every product in your store.

An example of a site-wide discount
Site-wide Discount (click to zoom)

That can be dangerous since you may lose money on some sales, but with this discount, your goal is to make that up with volume.

9. Daily deal coupons

One great way to keep users coming back to your store day after day is to offer coupons that change every day. With each new coupon, you can offer discounts for specific products.

The randomized aspect of ever-changing coupons can be a great incentive to drive return visits. If creating new coupons daily seems like too much work, you can also opt for a weekly rotation schedule.

10. Influencer coupons

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to drive new customers to your store.

The way this works is that you create a coupon code the influencer can share on their social media, then you sit back and wait for the results.

What type of discount to offer and what conditions to set are up to you. Just keep in mind that most influencers will ask for payment or even a percentage of the sales that they help drive to your website.

11. Next order coupons

Returning customers are your best friend when you’re running an online store. However, if you want users to keep coming back, you need to offer them reasons to do so.

One of the best ways to encourage repeat customers is to offer next-order discount coupons for people that make a purchase. With this type of code, customers will want to make another purchase just to not let the discount go to waste.

12. Wholesale customer coupons

Wholesale customers buy in bulk and they buy often. If you run a retail online store but you get the occasional bulk purchase, it’s in your best interest to offer wholesale discount coupons to keep those customers coming back.

Using Advanced Coupons, you can create discount coupons that trigger purchases of over X products. Another great option is to use the Wholesale Prices for WooCommerce plugin.

Select the ‘Wholesale Customer’ role (click to zoom)

Using that plugin, you can create a new Wholesale Customer role and offer those users discounted product prices without using coupons.

13. Category discount

Category discount coupons offer a great middle-ground between product-specific and sitewide discounts. In some cases, you’ll only want to offer coupons for a specific line of products, and category discounts enable you to do just that.

14. X% OFF after cart subtotal

If you want to encourage customers to make bigger purchases, offering discounts for subtotals over $X amount is a great way to do so.

The lower you make that amount, the more purchases that you might get. Users love to see offers such as 10% off for purchases over $25, even if they don’t end up saving a lot of money.

15. Welcome coupons

Every new visitor to your store deserves a warm welcome and there’s no better way to say hello than with a discount coupon for their first purchase.

One thing to keep in mind with welcome coupons is that you want to limit their use to a single purchase:

Configure usage limits (click to zoom)

That’s easy to do using this plugin since it gives you full control over when each coupon can be applied.

16. Quantity-based coupons

Quantity-based coupons are basically the same as wholesale discounts. The main difference is that if you want to target retail customers, you’ll make the minimum product quantity requirements lower.

For customers, you’ll want to trigger quantity-based coupons at lower levels than for wholesale buyers.

17. Loyalty program coupons

Loyalty programs can work in a myriad of ways. You can offer registered users coupons periodically or generate discounts for customers that make purchases regularly.

Another option is to offer a subscription system that automatically entitles users to the occasional discount, which is where coupons come in.

18. Free sample coupons

With a free sample coupon, you can offer visitors cheap products for free, just so they get a taste of what your store offers. You can also use these coupons alongside purchases, to give customers a nice little gift that generates goodwill between them and your store.

19. Flash sale coupons

By their nature, flash-sale coupons expire quickly. Usually, they only last a few hours and you let customers know about them by sending them emails or push notifications.

The goal of flash-sale coupons is to drive as many sales as possible in a short period of time (preferably one where sales are traditionally slow).

20. Automatically-applied coupons

If you offer a lot of coupon discounts on your site, you’ll get the occasional disgruntled customer that forgot to apply the code to their purchase. To avoid those situations, you can use Advanced Coupons to enable specific coupons to apply automatically:

Auto Apply Coupon (click to zoom)

Auto-apply is a feature that you should consider on a coupon-by-coupon basis. For some discounts, you’ll want users to enter the coupon code manually.

21. One-Click-Application coupons

If you like the idea of making coupons easier to apply but don’t want to do so automatically, one-click application is the perfect feature for your store:

1-click Apply feature (click to zoom)

With this approach, you can let customers know that you’re giving them a discount and make it as easy to apply as possible, so no one misses the opportunity.

22. Multi-currency coupons

Usually, coupon codes only work with one specific currency. However, if you’re running an international store, that means you leave a huge percentage of your customers in the air.

Using Advanced Coupons and the Currency Switcher for WooCommerce you can create multi-currency aware coupons that work across country lines.

23. Product bundles

If you want to encourage customers to buy specific products together, the best way to do so is to bundle them. Usually, bundled products offer some sort of discount that encourages you to buy them together instead of adding each item to your cart separately.

Using Advanced Coupons, you can create coupons that only work when customers add a specific mix of products to their carts.

24. Competition coupons

There are a lot of competition types that you can run for your WooCommerce store. They can range from sweepstakes to giveaways and using coupons, you can power all of the prizes that you want.

For example, you can use coupons to give products away for free to winners and to offer discounts to the runner-ups of your competitions. Even for the customers that don’t win, competitions can be a great way to foster engagement with your store.

25. Affiliate coupons

Usually, affiliates promote products at full price. However, a great way to increase affiliate sales is to give them unique discount coupons that they can offer to their audience.

With this approach, you make it easier for affiliates to drive sales and they get all the motivation that they need from their commissions.

26. Membership coupons

If you offer your store’s customers some type of premium membership, a great way to encourage new users to sign up is to offer discount coupons as a perk.

You can offer members periodical discounts and give new users a bigger welcome coupon, which is often enough to get them to subscribe.

27. Joint venture coupons

If you have a partnership with another online store, you’ll want to drive traffic to them and vice-versa. An effective way to do so is to offer coupon codes that work for that store to your audience and let them do the same for yours.

Joint-venture coupons are a fantastic way to get more traffic to your store. However, keep in mind that they only work if both stores share similar customer personas.

28. Cart abandonment coupons

Around 76% of users fill up their carts only to abandon them. If you can re-capture even a small percentage of those customers, you stand to make a lot of money.

Cart abandonment coupons offer customers discounts for the items already in their carts. For this type of coupon, you’ll need users to register on your store, so you can track their activity and send the coupons automatically.


There are dozens of types of WooCommerce coupons that you can offer to your customers. Simple discounts are only the beginning, but there are coupons for almost every occasion that you can imagine.

If you want to offer as many types of WooCommerce coupon codes as you can, you’ll want to use the Advanced Coupons plugin. With it, you can create as many types of coupons as you need and get full control over when they can be applied.

Do you have any questions about which types of coupons you should offer in your store? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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