How To Make A Coupon That Discounts Shipping In WooCommerce

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This post will show you how to make a coupon that discount shipping in WooCommerce.

We’re using a tool called Advanced Coupons which adds a bunch of extra features to your standard WooCommerce coupons, one of which being shipping overrides.

This is WAY more than just your normal boring “free shipping” deal.

Imagine being able to do things like:

  • 50% off express shipping for a limited time!
  • Last-minute free express shipping before X date
  • 50% discount on courier shipping within your home city
  • …. I think you get the idea!

What it lets you do is override the shipping cost for any of your shipping methods in your defined shipping zones on your WooCommerce store.

When the customer selects the shipping zone you’ve defined, the coupon will give the customer the discount.

The good thing is, it’s also compatible with other features in Advanced Coupons like the Cart Conditions, Auto apply, etc.

That means you could even do neat stuff like:

  • Free shipping when you have 2 or more of Product A in the cart
  • Half price express shipping on orders over $100
  • etc

And you can even have it automatically apply or apply with a one-click notification button, so no remembering coupon codes required.

How To Create A Shipping Override Coupon In WooCommerce

I made you this neat little tutorial video which takes you through the steps.

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If you can’t watch the video, here are the steps laid out for you:

Step 1 – Name your coupon appropriately

The first step is to choose a proper name for your coupon. Naming your coupons appropriately will save you a lot of hair-tearing and tears in the future because things will be easy to find.

WooCommerce Coupon Shipping Discount - Naming Your Coupon
(click to zoom)

Step 2 – Shipping Overrides feature

Navigate to the shipping overrides feature. You’ll see this in the left-hand tabs on the coupon edit screen.

Advanced Coupons adds a lot of other features as well to your coupons, the shipping overrides is just one of them.

override feature
(click to zoom)

You will find a table here where you can add a shipping override. Click the + Add Shipping Override button and it will add a line to the table.

Step 3 – Set Up The Shipping Method Discount

When you click the + Add Shipping Override button you get a new line where you can choose the shipping zone:

WooCommerce Coupon Shipping Discount - Set the shipping zone
(click to zoom)

Choose the zone you want to target and it will then refresh the next box for the shipping methods available in that zone. Choose the shipping method you want to target:

WooCommerce Coupon Shipping Discount - Set the shipping method
(click to zoom)

Then you can set what kind of discount you want. You can choose from a price override (meaning you set the price) or a discount by percentage or a fixed amount.

In the end, it should look like this:

WooCommerce Coupon Shipping Discount - Set the discount amount
Example: A 20% discount on express shipping for Australia zone (click to zoom)

Since the user can only ever choose one shipping method, you can use one shipping override coupon to discount many methods and it will handle them all.

For example, if you’re discounting express shipping but you have multiple express shipping methods across different zones, just add extra lines to the table by pressing the + Add Shipping Override button.

Step 4 – Test

When it comes to putting deals together, testing is a MUST.

If you don’t test your deal on the front end of your site, you’re risking a broken process which would look bad and leave you scrambling if it went live like that.

A quick test on the front end of the site reveals that the discount is working when the shipping discount coupon is applied.

WooCommerce Coupon Shipping Discount - Test, test test!
(click to zoom)

You might be wondering why it does the discount on a new line in the cart totals?

For shipping, the discount goes in as a negative fee. This is because there are several restrictions on how shipping is handled in a cart situation.

Using a negative fee also lets the system show what happened on the backend when viewing the order so you will know which shipping method was discounted.

Using WooCommerce Coupons For Shipping Discounts

I hope this tutorial has given you a few marketing ideas for your WooCommerce store!

Discounting shipping is always a well-received promotion for customers. Advanced Coupons makes it much easier to achieve this kind of promotion in WooCommerce.


9 thoughts on “How To Make A Coupon That Discounts Shipping In WooCommerce

  1. Looks good, purchased it yesterday, the loyalty program looks great too!
    BUT: my Woocommerce Settings disappeared from Menu… BAD
    AND: sadly it doesn’t work on the Local Pickup Plus shipping method… although I don’t blame you for that, as it’s not really quite clear whether LPP is a proper shipping method or not.
    Anyway I have mailed support, sure you will take good care of me, you see to know your stuff!

    1. Hey Jie Sun, I’ll follow this up this morning with support and we’ll get you sorted. The WooCommerce Settings disappearing is definitely not normal. What version of WC are you using?

    1. Hi Alena, not 100% sure what you’re asking. If you create one of these coupons as described above in the post you’ll be able to offer your customers a discount on any of your shipping methods. It’s a great way to run a shipping offer without having to do the usual “free shipping”… hope this helps!

    1. Hi Charles, in that case you won’t need to discount shipping. You shouldn’t even have shipping turned on, I think you can turn that off in the WooCommerce settings 🙂 You can also turn off the shipping discounts coupons module in Advanced Coupons under Coupons->Settings, Modules tab.

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