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2 Easy Ways To Address Discount Fraud In WooCommerce

2 Easy Ways To Address Discount Fraud In WooCommerce

If you’re struggling with discount fraud or simply looking for ways to prevent it, you’re not alone!

Discount fraud is a sneaky and frustrating issue that can cause a lot of headaches, and unfortunately, it’s all too common for e-commerce store owners like yourself.

The good news is that it’s not an intractable problem. In this article, we’ll look at two simple and effective techniques to address discount fraud in WooCommerce. We’ll also uncover some tips and tricks that will help you spot abuse easily. Let’s get started!

What Is Discount Fraud?

Imagine this: you’re throwing a party and someone shows up uninvited. You later discover that this person has a fake invitation or is trying to get more than their fair share of the party treats. Upsetting?

That’s exactly how discount fraud works!

Discount fraud is a shady practice in which buyers take advantage of promotional discounts or coupons intended for specific groups of individuals or objectives. It can take numerous forms, including:

  • Using fake or expired codes
  • Sharing codes with unauthorized users
  • Stacking multiple discounts on a single purchase.

Discount fraud can be devastating for businesses, resulting in lost revenue, decreased profit margins, and a compromised reputation. It’s like someone stealing the party goodies and destroying the mood for everyone else who played by the rules!

Signs That Your Discounts Are Being Abused

Discount abuse may be a difficult and inconvenient matter for organizations to deal with.

Fraudsters, like clever burglars, can slip in unnoticed and take advantage of your promotions, leaving you with empty pockets and a tainted image.

But don’t worry! There are some telltale signs that your discounts may be being abused, and with a little investigative effort, you can safeguard your company from these sneaky scammers.

One of the most obvious signs that your discounts are being abused is the sudden spike in coupon usage.

If you find an unexpected rise in the number of discounts used, this could indicate fraud. Legitimate customers seldom change their shopping habits overnight, so a rapid increase in discount usage could signal that someone is taking advantage of your promotions.

With the right tools, you can prevent discount fraud
<em>With the right tools in place its easy to spot customers abusing your discounts<em>

Multiple redemptions by the same customer is another red flag. While some consumers may make many valid purchases, numerous redemptions of the same discount by a single customer may indicate abuse.

Unusually high discount rates can likewise be cause for alarm. If you give a considerably bigger discount than your regular promotions, you may attract more perpetrators of fraud. Make sure that you keep an eye on these discounts and their usage patterns.

Finally, the use of expired or forged codes is a sure sign of discount fraud. Fraudsters may attempt to exploit gaps in your system by using plainly expired or bogus codes. To avoid this type of abuse, keep your discount codes up to date and track how they’re applied closely.

How To Address Discount Fraud In WooCommerce

According to a RetailMeNot survey, discount abuse costs businesses an estimated $300 billion globally each year. This includes the use of fake or expired coupons, numerous redemptions by the same customer, and the use of fraudulent payment methods.

Similarly, a Juniper Research report claims that coupon fraud is predicted to reach $51 billion globally by 2022. These figures emphasize the need for companies to implement proactive measures to prevent discount exploitation and protect their bottom line.

So, where do you exactly start?

Here are 2 easy ways to address discount fraud in WooCommerce:

1. Closely Monitor Coupon Usage

As a store owner, you must keep a close check on coupon usage to prevent discount abuse and safeguard your bottom line. Here are some practical ways to efficiently track your coupon usage:

  • Use a coupon management system – This allows you to track and evaluate coupon usage, making it easy to spot any questionable behavior. It’s like having your own personal detective to help you uncover the puzzle of discount abuse.
  • Set coupon usage limits – Limit the number of times a coupon can be redeemed per customer or transaction. By restricting the number of times a coupon may be used, you can be sure that no abuse will prosper.
  • Examine coupon activity on a regular basis – Review coupon activity frequently to find any patterns or trends. If you spot something in question, don’t be hesitant to look into it further. It’s like playing a game of Clue to figure out whodunit!

If monitoring your store’s coupon usage seems like a daunting task, we highly recommend using Advanced Coupons. This plugin is an all-in-one coupon management solution for WooCommerce.

Get Advanced Marketing & Sales Tools For Your Store

It not only allows you to offer a variety of promotions, such as BOGO coupons and loyalty programs, but also provides the security you need to prevent discount abuse. One of its key features is a coupon usage tracker, which enables you to monitor coupon redemption activity in your store.

Additionally, with this plugin, you can easily set usage limits, restrict coupons to certain products or categories, and even generate unique codes for each customer. This can help prevent coupon sharing and ensure that your promotions are being used as intended.

2. Set Cart Conditions

Applying cart conditions to your WooCommerce store is an excellent approach to prevent discount fraud. You may verify that your promotions are used as intended by setting certain criteria that must be followed before a discount can be applied.

For instance, you can define a minimum purchase quantity for your discounts.

This guarantees that customers are making a purchase rather than simply using the discount code to get a free item. This can help to prevent misuse and ensure that customers are really interested in purchasing from your store.

Advanced Coupons Cart Conditions Feature
Advanced Coupons Cart Conditions Feature (click to zoom)

You can also limit how much customers can save by setting a maximum discount amount.

By limiting the amount of money customers can save on a single purchase, you can verify that your discounts are used fairly and not abused.

Lastly, you can specify when your discounts will expire. This means that they are only used during the duration specified. This can keep customers from utilizing expired discount coupons or sharing them with others, which can lead to abuse and revenue loss.

Advanced Coupons Scheduler Feature
Advanced Coupons Scheduler Feature (click to zoom)

While there are many ways to set up cart conditions, using a plugin can make the process quick and easy. So, if you’re looking for a powerful and user-friendly solution, consider Advanced Coupons Premium. It comes with over 15 cart conditions to choose from!

And the best thing about this feature?

You can mix and match to create the perfect set of rules for your promotions!


Discount fraud may be an expensive problem for retailers on the internet, which leads to revenue loss and a poor customer experience. Fortunately, you have numerous options for dealing with discount fraud in your WooCommerce store.

In this article, we shared two simple and effective techniques to address discount abuse in WooCommerce with the help of Advanced Coupons:

  1. Closely Monitor Coupon Usage
  2. Set Cart Conditions

Do you have any questions about discount fraud in WooCommerce? Let us know in the comments!

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