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How To Write A Promotional Email In WooCommerce (6 Hot Tips)

How To Write A Promotional Email In WooCommerce (6 Hot Tips)

Ever found yourself constantly pondering, “How to write a promotional email?” Perhaps you’re already knee-deep in launching emails and feeling the struggle to infuse them with that irresistible charm.

Guess what? You’re not alone. Creating email content might seem easy, but in reality, there are a handful of tried-and-true techniques that can make your emails pop. Think of email marketing as an art form—one that, when mastered, not only boosts your revenue but also nurtures your audience for the long run.

In this article, we’re diving into 6 practical tips to guide you in writing a WooCommerce promotional email that converts like a charm. Plus, we’re letting you in on the tools we swear by to simplify the whole campaign process. Ready to up your email game? Let’s dive in!

Why You Need To Improve Your Promotional Emails

Promotional emails are like the heartbeat of a thriving e-commerce strategy.

Sephora's promotional email
Sephora’s promotional email (click to zoom)

They’re not just messages. Instead, they’re your way of reaching out, showing off what you’ve got, and getting those sales rolling in. When you hit the sweet spot with your email, you’re not just selling your products; you’re building relationships and creating die-hard fans.

According to NotifyVisitor, diving into email campaigns can be a game-changer for e-commerce businesses. To understand the full grasp of how emails can alleviate your sales, here are some statistics worth considering:

  • In the e-commerce industry, the ROI on email marketing is $45 per $1 spent.
  • Email marketing campaigns account for 9% of the total traffic on online stores.
  • 75% of consumers say they prefer receiving emails on discounts and offers.
  • Cart abandonment emails boost sales by 4.43%.
Cart abandonment email example
Cart abandonment email example (click to zoom)

So, whether you’re a pro in marketing or just getting started, email marketing is something you can not simply undermine. Figuring out how to step up your email writing skills can make reaching your sales targets a whole lot easier and faster.

The Psychology Behind Writing Promotional Emails

Creating compelling promotional emails is like understanding the language of consumers.

It’s all about tapping into what makes people tick and using that knowledge to connect on a deeper level. So, how do you go about captivating hearts and prompting actions? Well, there are some nifty psychological tricks in the mix.

For instance, you can make someone feel the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) by weaving in words like:

  1. Hurry!
  2. Don’t Miss Out!
  3. Time’s Running Out!
  4. Last Few Spots Left
  5. Do you want to miss out on this offer?

You can also consider evoking a sense of exclusivity. You can say, for instance, “You’re in for a treat! As a valued customer, enjoy this exclusive offer just for you. Because you deserve something special.” This not only shows appreciation but also encourages quick action since it’s an “exclusive” offer.

Nike's exclusive sale email example
Nike’s exclusive sale email example (click to zoom)

Additionally, you can also incorporate elements such as scarcity, social proof, and reciprocity into your email content. This will create a sense of urgency and desire that motivates recipients to take action.

Say, for example, you want to evoke reciprocity. In this scenario, consider tossing in a freebie or a gift card into their carts. Want to add a bit of excitement? Throw in a product sample.

This not only gives customers an “exclusive” sneak peek at your product but also makes them feel grateful because it’s complimentary.

Lastly, another effective strategy is to leverage the appeal of loyalty programs.

E.l.f.'s loyalty program email example
E.l.f.’s loyalty program email example (click to zoom)

Offer exclusive perks that draw them into the promotion you introduced in your email. This personal touch goes a long way in forging a stronger connection with your audience.

6 Tips To Write A Compelling Promotional Email In WooCommerce

When it comes to crafting promotional emails, the golden rule is to understand your audience inside out. The key to successful promotional emails lies in delivering value to your subscribers.

So whether it’s through exclusive offers, personalized recommendations, or informative content, your emails should provide something of relevance and interest to your audience.

Once you’ve got this front and center, the rest will naturally fall into place:

1. Write attention-grabbing subject lines.

Your email’s subject line and preheader are like the friendly faces that welcome your recipients into the world of your promotions. They’re the first things people notice, and whether your email gets a warm welcome or a casual wave depends on them.

So, when you’re shaping these, think about finding that sweet spot between catching attention and giving something worthwhile. Sprinkle in a bit of curiosity, urgency, and personal touches to draw folks in and make them want to open up and check out what you’ve got to say.

Email subject lines example
Email subject lines example (click to zoom)

You can also play with dynamic elements such as emojis or personal touches to make your emails pop in those crowded inboxes. Just remember, a little goes a long way – you wouldn’t want to overload it!

PRO TIP: If you’re new to the whole email-writing scene, try your hand at A/B testing. It’s like dipping your toes in the water to figure out which subject lines and preheaders hit the right note with your crowd.

2. Design visually appealing email templates.

A common slip-up in emails is overlooking the power of design, especially for store owners. But here’s a simple truth: what’s the quickest way to grab your audience once they’ve opened that email?


Thoughtfully crafted email templates that are not only visually pleasing but also align with your brand can instantly catch the eye of recipients, drawing them into your offerings.

Email design examples
Email design examples (click to zoom)

Whether it’s through captivating graphics, compelling imagery, or a sleek layout, the visual aspect of your emails can significantly elevate the overall experience for your subscribers.

However, a key point to keep in mind is that these designs should be optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. A responsive design that adjusts seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices is crucial for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for your recipients.

3. Personalize your content for each campaign.

Emails are all about forging connections with your audience, with the ultimate goal of sparking action. That’s why it’s crucial to personalize the content based on who’s receiving it.

Imagine an email that doesn’t quite resonate with the recipient. It won’t hit home. Instead of promoting your sale, it might come across as sketchy and harm your reputation.

Banana Republic's personalized email
Banana Republic’s personalized email (click to zoom)

By tapping into customer data and smart segmentation, you can tailor your content to speak directly to specific audience groups. This means delivering offers and messages that align with their preferences.

So now, how can you pull this off?

Start by addressing recipients by their names. Then, showcase products based on their past interactions. It’s like giving them a personalized nod, making them feel seen and cared for.

You can also try segmenting your email list based on the kind of customers they are. For example, you can send win-back campaigns to past customers.

Win-back campaign example
Win-back campaign example (click to zoom)

Crafting compelling and personalized content isn’t just a bonus; it’s the key to establishing a genuine connection with your subscribers and nudging them toward conversion.

4. Leverage your promotional offers.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of your actual offer. Sure, tossing out the usual percentage discounts and run-of-the-mill sale offers is okay, but in the vast digital landscape where everyone is gunning for conversions, you’ve got to shine.

The key? Offer discounts and coupons that break the mold. Better yet, ensure your promotion runs seamlessly—your customers should be able to redeem your offers without a hiccup.

Promotional email examples
Promotional email examples (click to zoom)

Consider this from a 2018 Inmar Shopper Behavior Study: 83% of e-commerce shoppers said coupons influenced their buying decisions. That’s a substantial chunk of customers signaling that a good deal can sway them. More specifically:

  • 39% bought a product sooner than planned because of a coupon
  • 39% purchased from a store they otherwise would not have normally because of a coupon
  • 38% bought more than they would have because of a coupon
Bundle offer example
Bundle offer example (click to zoom)

Again, while there’s nothing wrong with the usual coupons, it’s worth tapping into the full potential of coupon marketing to maximize their impact. Try venturing into different types of promotions that might not be part of your regular repertoire. For example, you could experiment with:

  1. Buy One, Get One deals
  2. URL coupons
  3. Shipping deals
  4. Cashback offers
  5. Adding a freebie to their carts

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5. Optimize your emails for mobile responsiveness.

With a significant portion of email opens occurring on mobile devices, optimizing your promotional emails for mobile responsiveness is crucial.

As discussed earlier, a seamless and visually appealing experience on smartphones and tablets is essential for capturing the attention of recipients and driving engagement. From responsive design to mobile-friendly layouts, ensuring that your emails are optimized for mobile devices can significantly impact the effectiveness of your campaigns.

6. Analyze the performance of your emails.

Finally, to truly measure your strategies, it’s important to carefully study performance metrics. Dive into the numbers. Analyze open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates – as they offer invaluable insights for fine-tuning your approach.

Then, if you’re feeling uncertain, you can always resort to A/B testing.

A/B testing example
A/B testing example (click to zoom)

A/B testing is a valuable strategy for optimizing the performance of your promotional emails. By experimenting with different elements like subject lines, content variations, calls-to-action, and sending times, you gain valuable insights into what truly resonates with your audience.

Remember that the results of A/B tests allow you to refine your email content and strategies. Thus, helping you maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns and driving higher conversion rates.


“How to write a promotional email?”

This is a question that frequently pops up among store owners, and today, we’re delving into the details.

Crafting high-converting promotional emails for your WooCommerce store requires a strategic approach that combines compelling content, personalized experiences, and a deep understanding of your audience’s needs and behaviors.

In this article, we shared 6 hot tips that will help you master the art of email marketing:

  1. Write attention-grabbing subject lines.
  2. Design visually appealing email templates.
  3. Personalize your content for each campaign.
  4. Leverage your promotional offers.
  5. Optimize your emails for mobile responsiveness.
  6. Analyze the performance of your emails.

Do you have any questions about writing promotional emails in WooCommerce? Let us know in the comments down below!

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